A Life Group is a small group of 6-12 believers who meet outside of the church for fellowship, Bible discussion, and prayer in an effort to grow closer to God and closer to one another. Life Groups serve as a way to cultivate spiritual growth. Life Groups help believers fulfill God’s unique purpose for their lives.

Being a part of a Life Group will help you:

  • Develop deeper intimacy with God.
  • Build friendships and form bonds with others believers.
  • Grow in your faith and prayer life.
  • Serve others in the community.
  • Witness and evangelize to unbelievers.


A Life Group is “a group of Holy Spirit indwelt people who have intentional growing relationships with each other and with the Lord, who use those relationships to help fulfill Christ’s mission for the church, while learning to love Jesus and one another at the same time.”  It is a group of people in mission-driven relationship to God and to one another.

Please contact Sarabeth Stone, Director of Ministries, for more information.

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